Not all cooking pans distribute heat the same way. Iron pans are dense, so it takes longer for them to heat up. That density retains heat once the pan gets hot. That allows you to sear up a steak for example more efficiently. I know they are heavy, but they have the advantage of retaining heat for longer periods of time. Eve though, it takes longer for the heat to move throughout the pan especially when cooking on the stove. It’s recommended to heat a iron pan on the oven. When cooking on the stove it’s quite difficult to move the heat from the center to the sides because of its density. A lighter pan as one made of stainless steel will heat up quite faster. Unfortunately, stainless steel it’s not a good conductor of heat. That’s why a good stainless steel pan has layers of aluminum inside because aluminum it’s a better conductor of heat. My favorite pan it’s a tri ply 12 inch sautéed pan. It has one layer of stainless steel on the outside and core made of aluminum. The other pan I love is my wok and is made carbon steel. Distributes heat quickly! They need to be season, but once you get one you’ll see that it’s quite simple.

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